Comedy movies, the movies that compel us to laugh hard are not the movies we watch today. If you analyze movies from past few years, then you will find that all those movies are just a bunch of crap. Filled of baloney dual meaning dialogues, scurvy scenes, overfilled comic scenes, which are just inserted vaguely in order to try to make us chuckle.

However, I do not call those movies as comedy movies; since they are like a shadow in the name of comedy. Then, which movies are actually comedies. Here is the list of ten all time comedies, which make you laugh just by their stories, acting, and unusual sequences, which are not just used, but are the demand of scene.

Golmaal: Don’t think I am talking about Golmaal series by Rohit Shetty. Well, in my list of classic comedies, this place is just for Golmaal of 1979. I am sure, if you are a Bollywood movies lover, then you must have watched this movie. In fact, even if you are not so much in love with Hindi movies; then also you must watch Golmaal by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.


Based on the famous Indian concept of “Moonchh nahin to kuch nahin”; you would go gaga over every scene and hilarious love-hate bonding of Uttpal Dutt and Amol Palekar. Even today, many mimic artists find some words like ‘sirrr, beta ram prashad’ from the film as the source of inspiration.

Chupke- Chupke: Second movie that I want to place in this list is Chupke- Chupke. Remember the very famous dialogue, “Jijja jee ka telephone hai”; was from this movie only. Every time I watch this movie; laugh hardly and forget my all stress. In fact, if I say that this movie is perfect stress relieving, then it would not be wrong.


This is another impeccable product of Hrishikesh Mukherjee filled with sweet and uproarious moments; this movie definitely explains the meaning of clean and classic comedy.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro: If you want to see the depth of corruption in politics and that too in whimsical way, then this movie can be your choice. Released in 1983, Jane Bhi Do Yaaron is one of the 25 finest movies of Indian Cinema.


This movie is a huge slam over the corruption that has deeply prevailed in our politics and bureaucratic system, thus is regarded as a cult classic of Indian cinema.

Angoor: Based on the Shakespeare’s play ‘Comedy of errors’; this movie once again proved that old movies of era 70s really had a class, which most of the recent movies do not have. Without any foul scene, how to make us laugh just by dialogues is what you can watch in this film.


In fact, when recently I watched this film, I was really stunned by the fact that now we do not have such rather sue generis script or scenes in our movies of today, which are either worst remakes or full of nonsense.

Padosan: If you are talking about comedy; then, how can you forget one of the best comic star of Bollywood aka Mehmood? Moreover, along with Mehmood when you have another amazing star called Kishore Kumar in comic role, then nothing except ultimate comedy can happen. This is one of the movies where both these superstar worked together, however playing each other rivals in the movie.


Not only comedy, but also Padosan is known for its bewitching songs like, “Mere Samne wali khidki me ek chand ka tukda rehta hai” and “Ek chatur nar kar ke singar”. I don’t think anybody would have forgotten these songs.

Chashme Buddoor: One of the finest movie of golden pair of Farrooq Sheikh and Deepti Naval; Chashme Buddoor is another golden comedy movie of Indian Cinema. None of the list of either classic movies or classic comedies can ever be completed, if it does not have the name of this movie in the list.


This film was so hilarious that it becam silver jublee hit and many other films like Nayi Padosan, Odaruthammava Aalariyam were either remade or had inspiration from this former movie.

Bombay to Goa: Once again, Mehmood with the best comic timing gave us another classic comedy movie of all-time. This movie also has some of glorious stars in its account like, mega-star Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha, Aruna Irani etc. In fact, to use the glories of the movie it was remade in year 2007 having a huge list of comedians.

Hera Pheri: I would be biased towards new age cinema, if I say only era of 60s-70s had classic movies; although when back in 90s as well, there were some movie that nailed the class of comedy and are still so popular and lovable as they were at that time.


Even today, whenever I watch this movie; it makes me laugh even harder. Full of amusing sequences, as soon as this movie released; carved its niches within no time. This may the reason that it is considered as one of the best movies ever made in Bollywood.


Andaj Apna Apna: Another movie of 90s, which holds a very special place in Bollywood history and hearts of bolly fans, is AAA; yeah Andaj Apna Apna.

movie9The only movie that had Amir and Salman together in the same frame; Andaj Apna Apna is the movie whose has most famous one-liners in its account. Its diologues, and characters like, “Aaila Juhi Chawla; Chit mai jeeta, Pat tu haara; Crime Master Gogo, etc” are very famous until these days.

Though, this movie flopped at box office, but won hearts of million and people still loves the pairing of Salman and Amir and waiting die hard for their another movie.

If you think that I am just blabbering about all the above listed movies, then I think you must check by yourself. Just, watch these movies and know the fact by yourself.