A few days back, when I was looking around my courtyard, which was looking dreadful because of the items that I placed there, years ago.

Thence, I decided to refurbish my courtyard and make it lively again. Nevertheless, it was not much child’s play, as it seemed. Since, when I decided to select a theme to use in my courtyard; it took a deep research and then I found a style, which made my endeavors worthwhile.

That is why today, I have brought you some courtyard ideas, which you too can use to spruce up your outdoor home and that is Moroccan theme, at which, I too was bowled over. Thusly, go ahead and bring back the life of your patio as well.

1. Nature inspired design: bring wildlife at your home:

Are you too in love with nature like me and wish to spend your all time around the plants? Then, this is all what you need. Moreover, if you want to go with Moroccan patios, then, you can never realize it without profound of trees, plants, flowers, etc.

Plants- moroccan


Hence, this theme can perfectly fit at your idea of decorating your patio in the style of Moroccan themes; thusly, simplifying your task. Along with this, it will give you feel of nature at every nick and corner.

2. Blend Moroccan style to Burghal touch with a glimpse of elegance:

If you think that pure traditional Moroccan look is not for your taste, then, you can fuse it with some modern patio ideas and trendy urban designs, like vibrant colors, graceful curtains and pillows, contemporary decorative items and many other things like the same. It not only gives you an enthusiastic feeling, nevertheless, withal makes your home dynamic.

Urban touch

Credits: mycraftwork.com

As a matter of choice, if you belong to some modern culture ideology, then this style will only enhance the beauty of your home and put it into limelight.


 3. Spark the patio with profuse of lanterns:

Designer lanterns are also an imperative and loud part of patio decoration in the theme of Morocco. Hence, if you embolden by heavy Moroccan theme, then, these lanterns should be priority of your exterior looks.


Credits: FireLillyCreations Photography

You can also use colored glass chandelier, if you are humongous fan of peppy colors. I think I am in love with it and that is why; chandelier was prime focus of my patio, while I was redesigning it. Ergo, you too can try it and I am sure, you will also fall in love with it.

 4. Interior Courtyard design direct from Middle East:

This is an impeccable and mesmerizing design drawn its style from Moroccan interior style. Everything placed over here, can be dream of anyone.  Metallic utensils and showpiece, mud vases, stone fountain; everything used here can grab anybody’s eyeball very easily.


Credits: tumblr.com

This is the reason, as soon as I caught sight of it; I too just got awestruck and immediately decided to bring it in my home.

4. Your backyard too need an enthralling makeover:

Ah! This is what a Middle East backyard looks like. An ultimate blend of tradition with modesty, I can easily imagine it as my next task to perform. What else, you will need, when you renovate your backside of home by using such marvelous lanterns, decorative items, trees, vases, etc.


Credits: lushome

I do not think, I would have needed anything else. It is just a perfect and complete finishing of an adorable home. Hence, stop thinking over and again, and make it as the theme of your backyard.

I surmise all the themes and styles; I have narrated here, are just sui generis and mind blowing. Anyone, who wants to change the outdoors of his home, should definitely try it. After all, this change will only bring life back at your home.